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Aimsio is delivering Field Service Managment software solutions on a cloud platform. This platform provides executive dashboards and field ticketing systems for medium level to big companies with field services requirements. These companies are active in a veriaty of industries including Construction, Oil & Gas, Hauling, and etc..

With more than a decade of experience in Information Technology, Atieh Dadeh Pardaz has concentrated its activities on providing solutions based on SMSA and Mobile Banking. It is currently one of the most capable companies in text message bulk services as well as value added services.
Using dedicated, skillful forces as well as utilizing state of art technology, ADP has been able to reach a unique status in provision of specialized variegated services among other competitors.

MobinOne is a joint venture firm, established by two leading companies in the Telecommunication industry (Iran Mobin and One Italia) delivering Value Added Services for the Telecommunication industry, for 2G/3G standards and land-lines.

With about 500 employees, solutions offered by TOSAN are a combination of banking products and services that allow banks and other financial institutes to apply the latest technology in the world to mix with their banking services. Tosan as the first banking solution provider in Iran, owns the latest banking knowledge with regards to its experience of cooperation with about 23 banks and institutions over a decade.

DOURAN provides software, networking and hardware solutions with more than 300 employees in five groups of ERP, Security, VoIP, Portal and School. DOURAN ERP solution is one of the complicated ERP systems with diverse sub-systems.

BehPardaz Software Engineering Group was an affiliation of engineers and university students which was established by me on 2006. The foundation of the group originated back from CREG (Computer Research Engineering Group) which was a research group made up of QIAU talented students. Health Care Systems Analysis and Hamyar Mechanic software were two main areas that the group was devoted into.