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  • Combinatorial Double Auction Resource Allocation Model in Cloud Computing
    ELSEVIER, SienceDirect, 13 February 2014
    Designing an optimal market-based resource allocation that considers the benefits for both the users and providers is a fundamental criterion of resource management in distributed systems, especially in cloud computing services. Most of the current market-based resource allocation models are biased in favor of the provider over the buyer in an unregulated trading environment. In this study, the problem was addressed by proposing a new market model called the Combinatorial Double Auction Resource Allocation (CDARA), which is applicable in cloud computing environments.
    You can download the paper directly from here.
    If you are more interested, please checkout my LinkedIn post about this paper and how to downoad the simulator.

  • Analysis, Betterment & Implementation of VTRR Scheduling Algorithm on Linux Kernel 2.4.19
    July 2006

    This project was focused on improving the Linux Kernel scheduling algorithm. The project is consisted of object-oriented implementations of WFQ, VTRR, and our newly revised Extended-VTRR scheduling algorithm on a sophisticated simulator that is designed and implemented on Java platform. Besides, we embeded the VTRR and Extended-VTRR algorithms into Linux kernel 2.4.19 to evluate the improved performance in action.
    The original VTRR simulator is available to download from
    here .