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Technology Activity

CloudSim is an open source framework for modeling and simulation of cloud computing infrastructures and services, written in Java by CLOUDS Lab under the direction of Dr. Rajkumar Buyya.
CloudAuction is a package that I developed for CloudSim to enable it handling auction based services. The new market mechanism in CloudAuction helps it to allocate services to participants efficiently based on the Combinatorial Double Auction Principle with the relevant attributes applicable in cloud computing environments to the benefit and satisfaction of both users and providers. The package can be downloaded from CloudAuction section in CloudSim website or directly from here.

Cooperation with Dr. Elankovan Sundararajan, the head of Industrial Informatics Program at UKM university, in FTSM Lab on a grid computing project on 2011.
The main task was to setup a BOINC server and a project to be uploaded on it. Besides, since setting up the BOINC Server could be a headache, I have conducted to write three manuals for those who are new to it. These show how to install and setup BOINC and also to configure a project on it;

To avoid complexity, I have omitted some extra explanations about some steps that are common to a normal Linux user. Please be patient while going through the steps.