Senior Software Developer

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Youness is a Senior Software Developer in Canada with over a decade of experience in Java development. He has utilized Java stack to grow numerous companies in a variety of industries such as Telecoms, ERP systems and Mobile Banking.
After achieving the highest score to enter the university for Software Engineering at 2003, he commenced to think in Java.
Beside the analysis and development of software systems, consulting software policies and teaching software techs, he has focused on Java technology and software development practices.
He is currently active as a Software Developer at Aimsio. The company is delivering Field Service Managment software solutions on a cloud platform that provides executive dashboards and field ticketing systems for medium level to big companies with field services. These companies are active in a veriaty of industries including Construction, Oil & Gas, Hauling, and etc.

If you'd like to become more familiar with Youness, you can checkout his Linkedin profile at here. Please feel free to ask any question by sending an email, leaving a Linkedin message or a simple comment below.